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Two special Muscovite Degrees being conferred

February 10th and 17th! Please come join the fun!

Greetings Muscovite of the Great Northwest Kremlins!!!!

As many of you know, there have been a great many actors and entertainers joining Peninsula Lodge in the past year.
We are now cashing in on this wealth of talent in the service of our mighty Czar!

Several of our actors took the degree at the last Odd Ball and they have been talking it up to all their thespian friends.
On February 10th, we will be inducting a bunch of these unsavory actors, singers, and dancers into our beloved Order of Muscovites!
THEN…on February 17th, our new actor members will be putting on an encore performance of the degree as a fundraiser to support Free Community Theater!

Please come to these degrees to help us initiate these actors real good-like and then support them as they “Do unto others, what was done unto them.”
Both degrees will take place at 6 pm at Peninsula ODD Fellows Lodge #128, 4834 N Lombard Street. Portland, OR.
The degrees are free for Muscovites to attend and are followed by a feast with Czar which cost $10. All money raised at both degree/dinners with the Czar will go to funding Free Community Theater!

If you have any candidates for the degree, bring ’em with you! All poor, unfortunate pilgrims are welcome!

For the Life of the Czar!

Daveski Scheerski

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