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Up coming Muscovite degrees

Greetings Nobles! There are two Muscovite Degrees coming up.

The first will be in conjunction with the Seattle Odd Ball and Fezfest
hosted by Kremlin Khuzar at Ballard Alki Odd Fellows Lodge · Seattle,
WA. on Saturday, September 14, 2019. Contact Mylinda Sneed for details

The second will be part of the festivities at the Tillamook
Oddtoberfest. The degree will be held in the Tillamook Masonic Hall.
Contact Brett Hurliman for details

Come have some fun and be sure to bring some Bear Meat (candidates for
the degree)!

For the Life of the Czar!

Daveski Scheerski

Make History With Us this April!

Greetings Nobles!

This year’s Muscovite Degree is going to be HISTORIC!

A contingent of Odd Fellows from the Philippines will be coming to take 
the degree on April 27, so they can bring the Muscovite Order home with 
them. This is the first time in History that a Muscovites Kremlin will 
be established outside of North America. To mark this special occasion, 
we are inventing a document to commemorate the event. The document will 
be a Warrant to Authorize the Granting of a Muscovite Charter for a 
Philippines Kremlin. All who attend the degree will be able to sign the 
document which will then be put on display in the Museum of Odd History!

In addition to this historic ceremonial, we will also be celebrating 
three special anniversaries!

April 26, we will celebrate the 200 year anniversary of the Independent 
Order of Odd Fellows, with a luxury bus tour of Portland Pubs that used 
to be Odd Fellow lodges.

April 27, we will celebrate the 125 year anniversary of the Muscovites 
with the Muscovite Degree and Odd Ball.

April 28, we will celebrate the 125 year anniversary of Peninsula Odd 
Fellows Lodge with the Grand Opening of the Museum of Odd History.

Visit:        for 
more exciting details!

For the Life of the Czar!

Daveski Scheerski

You are invited

to Oregon Adventure Theatre’s private Sausage Fest!

              On Sunday March 25th Oregon Adventure Theatre will be holding a private fundraising event. The event begins with all you can eat homemade sausage at noon, followed by an all-female production of Romeo and Juliet (select scenes) starting at 2:00. Price per person is $15 and all proceeds will go to OAT’s summer stock production of, The Tempest.
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Two special Muscovite Degrees being conferred

February 10th and 17th! Please come join the fun!

Greetings Muscovite of the Great Northwest Kremlins!!!!

As many of you know, there have been a great many actors and entertainers joining Peninsula Lodge in the past year.
We are now cashing in on this wealth of talent in the service of our mighty Czar!

Several of our actors took the degree at the last Odd Ball and they have been talking it up to all their thespian friends.
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Don’t Miss it !!

Join us in the Duchy of Moos Cow and acting Czar Brettski Hurlimanoff on October 7 as we celebrate Odd-toberfest! Bring a new member to take the Muscovite degree, enjoy an incredible dinner in the old Tillamook Oddfellows building (now Pacific Restaurant) all for $30…and only $20 for Nobles who wear their busby! Get your tickets at the link below

The Dutchy of Moos-Cow in Tillamook, Oregon is proud to present the Second Annual Odd-toberfest! At 2 p.m. we will welcome new members into the Noble Order of Muscovites, presided over by Czar Brettski Hurlimanoff. That evening,…